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“I am really proud of this selection,” said Mo, co-owner of MJ’s Smoke Shop.The humidors are kept at 70% humidity which sets the perfect environment to keep premium cigars.

From La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli Cigars to Vintage 1995 Rockey Patel cigars MJ’s carries the top ten cigars of  2014-2016 listed by Cigar Aficionado Magazine.Top Selling Cigars – Cao Flatheads, Acid Kubba Kubba, Acid Holistic, Blondies, Brazilians, Romeo and Julietta Lighter Smoke Cigars- Hobart by Nat Sherman, Perdomo Lot 22 Connecticut, Isla Del Soles, Rocky Patel aged 5 years. Bold Smoke Cigars- CAO FLathead “Spicy and heavy”, Estella Gloria, Padrón 1962 and 1964 Anniversary, Tempus, Cohiba, Rocky Patel Java Corona, White series Monty Christo,

Cigar Prices range from $5- $20 per stick. Averagely is under $5 per premium cigar.

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CBD Sale!

MJ’s wants everyone to be able to experience the wonderful benefits of CBD!

Our Green Lotus, full spectrum CBD is going on sale for 15% off!

We have lollipops 2 for $5!

Several gummies to choose from and CBD “cigarettes” 2 for $20!

Topical CBD for 10% off!

Seriously! If you have any questions or are interested in CBD, we’re here for you!

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